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Me derping super hard  and being way too excited at Junie Moon in Tokyo this past December on our honeymoon!

So nice to meet you!!

Hi!!! My name is Maile Lani and I’m a dolly fashion designer based outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I mainly collect Neo Blythe dolls, but I also have a crazy love for Be My Baby Cherry, Amooooore and Jjorori dolls!

I’ve been sewing for most all of my life, but started creating tiny fashions for my Blythe Dolls in 2018. I have a crazy love for vintage-inspired fashion, bright colors, and anything that sparkles. I create outfits with a mix of antique market vintage fabrics and trims from flea market, antique stores, and estate sales, as well as newer fabric finds from my travels.

I’m so excited that you’re here and I hope you love my little creations!

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